Wildlife Stories of 2015

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It was a great year photographically for me. Photographed wildlife, WV scenics, landscapes, and photographed some models in 2015. Also, photographed my sons wedding, WVU football and basketball games, aerials of first baseball game, and did couple portraits.

Shot variety of photos in 2015

  • Rock formation view in Bryce National Park  paintography
  • Osprey shaking water off
  • Eyes in the leaves
  • Black bear cub climbing down tree
  • Red fox looking
  • Cattle round up and drive in West Virginia
  • Time to wrestle
  • Model Emily Gardner
  • Model Emily working out in gym  available for licensing copy release
  • silhouette of lighthouse with sun
  • Streaking light across the gorge
  • Sun setting over the glades
  • WVU Basketball
  • Property of West Virginia University     Copyrighted
  • WVU Basketball
  • Aerials of WVU vs Texas football and campus scenes
  • Eastern screech owl hiding between logs

Osprey feeding in a pond

The wildlife photography was interesting and frustrating. For example, photographing osprey at a farm in Randolph County. I got some really cool photos of the osprey diving for fish in the pond but the day I didn’t show up the owner of the property told me an eagle and osprey both showed up and they had aerial fights trying to steal caught fish from one and another. Man, would loved to have seen and photographed that.

Photos of osprey at farm in Randolph County West Virginia

  • Osprey after diving unsucessful to catch fish
  • Osprey shaking water off
  • Osprey taking off from water after diving for a fish

Fox den and black bear

Last spring there were two fox dens I was watching from my blinds trying to get pictures of the young foxes. Never saw any young foxes but did get couple pictures of the adults. While in one of the fox blinds just before daybreak had the scare of a lifetime. A black bear walked by the fox dens and was heading straight for me. Obviously he didn’t know I was there in my camouflage and blind and he keep coming closer and closer. I really didn’t know what to do and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I started snapping pictures, even though too dark, hoping he would hear the shutter and vear off. When he was about 10 feet away he veered off to the left and went right past me. I’m not sure he ever knew I was there. Took awhile for my heart to start beating normally.

Photos of adult foxes

  • Red fox walking in the deep snow    .....http://retrieverman.net/2010/08/20/the-tale-of-two-foxes-in-west-virginia/
  • Red fox looking

Night time motion camera picture of fox and den. This fox den was near some houses and people keep telling me they would see the young foxes out playing and how cute they were, but I never saw them. I almost got to meet a black bear up close though.


Black bear at the West Virginia Wildlife Center

While at the WV Wildlife Center photographing black bear cubs for them one of the small cubs climbed up my leg. I thought it was cute until he bit my butt. Wasn’t hard enough to draw blood but it got my attention. Went back months later and the small cubs were young adults and the same black bear chased me out of the pen. Not sure what this bear has against me.

Black bear photos from the Wildlife Center

  • Time to wrestle
  • Hanging on
  • Time to relax
  • Too close

Ospery at Stonewall Jackson Lake

A couple of osprey have nest sites on Stonewall Jackson Lake and I photographed them several times. It was fun watching the osprey as they were raising the little ones. You knew when the male was coming back from hunting because the female would start calling in a very distinctive sound. It was like she was telling him to get his butt down there fast, these young ones are hungry and driving me crazy.

Osprey at Stonewall Jackson Lake