The grey fox that loved marshmallows

I was photographing a grey fox in a friends backyard that was eating the cat food left outside. Once the grey fox discovered the cat food she started getting braver and braver.  She would come in the afternoon when the food was put out in the bowl.  Eventually I could sit in the car or in a chair in the yard and the fox would come for the food.  She would look my way every once in awhile but go about her business like I wasn't there.  It was obvious that she had little ones somewhere and this must of been easy way to get food for everyone.  

Grey Fox discovering cat food in the yard

She started getting use to people being around and would eat all types of scrape food such as watermelon, chicken parts, and hamburger buns.

Grey Fox with hamburger bun in his mouth

 She must of had a sweet tooth because she loved marshmallows.  Sometimes she'd eat one in the yard but mainly she would gather as many as she could and take back to the den I assume and feed her little ones.  The most I saw her get in her mouth at one time was 8. 

Grey fox with marshmallows in her mouth

In between her cat food and junk food eating I did get some cool photos and started setting up some photos like putting food up by fence that were more realistic.  

Photos of the grey fox

She was getting use to being photographed and I had plans of photographing her climbing a tree. I have read that grey foxes have retractable claws like cats and can climb trees. But before I could get it set up with bait in the tree the fox got in neighbor's chicken coop one day and killed a bunch of chickens. The neighbor hired a professional trapper to get rid of the fox.  She is now probably a pelt. Very disappointing for me, (and very very disappointing for the fox I am sure). Maybe she moved on before she got trapped and I will photograph her again some day...

My photo gallery of grey foxes

Grey fox proud his marshmallow catch

Grey fox proud his marshmallow catch

The grey fox that loved marshmallows The End