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Red Shouldered Hawk

A good friend of mine texted me that a Red Tailed Hawk was building a nest close to their house and would I'd like to photograph them.  Of course I would.  So, weather and time permitting I'd go photograph this "Red Tailed Hawk nest". Obviously it was lot of fun for me to do this. Not much more I enjoy then watching nature.   It took me awhile to find the right angle and the nest was good distance away but really interesting watching the chicks growing and the behavior of the two adults. As the leaves started coming out it got harder and harder to photograph the hawks in their nest.  The chicks were getting big and flapping their wings but eventually the leaves completely covered the view to the nest and it was impossible to see them anymore.

It turned out these birds are Red Shouldered Hawks not Red Tailed hawks.

Hopefully, later this summer, I'll have couple small limbs removed from a tree blocking view of nest so be able to watch the hawks longer next year if they nest in same place next year.

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