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Red Shouldered Hawk

When a friend called and said she knew where a Red Tailed Hawk was building a nest and would I like to photograph it.  Of course, I jumped at the chance. Scouting out the nest the first time I missed a decent angle into the nest but walking around later another day I found a decent angle shooting toward the nest.  Not quite level with the nest but not bad angle.  The nest was high in the trees of course and pretty long distance away.  

At first, I wasn't even sure there was anything in the nest.  I assumed the female was laying on the eggs but I was not sure.  I could not see anything from my angle.  Then one day a squirrel was running around near the nest and he came to complete stop near the nest and I could see and wing of a large bird sticking up.  The squirrel made a quick u turn and ran down the tree.  Yes!!.  There was a female laying on eggs.  It was going to be exciting. for me to watch them raise these little hawks.  Later on, I realized these were Red Shouldered Hawks not Red Tailed Hawks.

Curious squirrel checking out Red Shouldered Hawk nest.  The photo on the left if you look closely you see a squirrel checking out the nest and hawks wing sticking out between two limbs on the other side.  I figure the female was letting the squirrel know not to come any closer.  After this encounter the squirrel took off in the other direction.

After watching this I knw that there was a hawk in the nest probably laying n her eggs.

Slide Show of Red Shouldered Hawk on nest

Red tailed hawk and babies on nest in the woods

Red tailed hawk and babies on nest in the woods

Red tailed hawk and babies on nest

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