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The year 2021 was interesting year. Even though the pandemic was continuing sporting events and travel was coming back with full but cautious participation. People were anxious to get out and have human contact after 2020. We will see what 2022 has in store for us....Just a quick note - (Unfortunately I don't always process my images right after shooting them. Images not in chronological shooting order but chronological processed order.) In summary the year was decent but not quite what I wanted as health problems caused several photo trips and photo sessions to be cancelled. Hopefully that won't be the theme for 2022.

Favorites of 2021 - Underwater Photos

The underwater #Hydroproject was still being shot  with completed shows  this coming  February and April that will be exciting to watch. Shooting with Nina is always fun. She has tremendous energy which she uses to fuel her creative endeavors. The images in the 16 foot pool was very interesting but my favorites were in the shallow pool with sun causing different lighting and rippling shadows.

Underwater Photos

Favorites of 2021 - Winter photos

Finally had a decent weather with snow.  Greg Kullman, my photographer buddy and I made several trips to shoot snow scenes plus actually we went skiing couple times.  I can still handle the bunny slopes...lol. But, I really go to shoot photos and drink beer.  The skiing is secondary for me..   On top of mountain at one ski slope I went off the trail looking for place to take a leak and found this cool vista overlook.  I am sure lot of other people know of this overlook but it was new to us and we stayed to shoot a sunset hoping the resort would not close down completely till we made it back down the mountain.  We made it but it was getting pretty dark...

Winter Photos

Favorites of 2021 - whitewater

Greg Kullman and I decided to hike down the mountain and take photos of kayakers on the Gauley River at Pillow Rock Rapids.  This was my second hike down to this site and probably  my last.  It is very steep and it is for the young or in shape which I am neither.  Great fun photographing the kayakers though.   Although there was a tense moment when a kayakers in obvious trouble struggling to do eskimo roll but could not quite make it back upright. I realized not a thing I could do but watch.  No way I could swim out in those waters to help. I had a good friend Chris Schwer die while white water kayaking and I just froze watching this guy.  Thankfully his face surfaced and he started gasping for the precious air.  It was a big relief when he made it upright.

Whitewater Photos

Favorites of 2021 Table Top photos

Always enjoy doing table to photography.  Trying to be creative and just doing whatever.  Light bulbs, wine bottles, exotic drinks whatever I am interested in photographing at the time.

Or maybe a pumpkin blowing off steam.

Table Top Photos

Favorites of 2021 - Sunflowers

I usually grow sunflowers every year to photograph and just because I like the sunflower plant.  Of course it helps that the honey bee loves the sunflower nectar too.  This year, Greg Kullman suggested we go to a sunflower farm.  Which turned out to be great idea and we both came away with some special photos.  I got lucky and got photo with the blue indigo bunting bird sitting on a sunflower. 

Sunflower Photos

Favorites of 2021 - Backyard Squirrels

I added some images of the Backyard Squirrels this year.  Playing football and burning couches.  Even sold  Backyard Squirrel 2022 calendars.   Link Calendar

Backyard Squirrel Photos

Favorites of 2021 Maryland Scenes

Photographed a house on a back road in Maryland and some sunrise scenes at dock at Deep Creek.

Maryland Photos

Favorites of 2021 - Fall scenes West Virginia Dolly Sods , Spruce Knob, Cheat Lake, etc

Photographed Fall scenes at different locations around the state.  Dolly Sods, Spruce Knob, Cheat Lake and other locations.  Fall colors just do not last long enough and timing can when the leaves will change and weather changes can lead to what I call  "photographers anxiety". Trying to be in the right place at the right time.  I get it every October. 

Fall Photos

Favorites of 2021 - Photos of ducks and birds

Photographing ducks and birds has always been a favorite of mine.  It can be challenging and very awarding trying to photograph them in their environment or flying.  Wood Ducks are especially rewarding because of their beautiful colors of the male and most are not tame like some mallards are.

Duck and Bird Photos

Favorites of 2021 - moon photos

Love doing moon photos but they can take some planning.  Actually bought an app too help with planning moon, milky way and sun photos.  If I can learn how to use it it could be very beneficial.  Big if...

Moon Photos

Favorites of 2021 - Black Bear and deer

Black bear are one of my favorite wildlife animals to photograph.  Most of my black bear photos come from Cades Cove Tennessee.  These bear are wild but are not hunted and are use to humans.  In fact they do not pay  much attention that humans are around. But make not mistake, they are wild and can kill or hurt you very easily.  Stay 50 yards away, use a camera with long lens, move out the way if headed toward you, do not do anything stupid.

Black bear Photos

Favorites of 2021 Wolves

Sometimes I get called on to photograph animals at the WV Wildlife Center.  I  appreciate it when I get the opportunity.  I photographed some young wolves they received at the Wildlife Center.  


Favorites of 2021 Eagles nest

I was told by a friend of an eagles nest that could be photographed.  It was a long distance shot across a river valley but you could see most of the nest and it was about eye level.  You do not get that advantage of eye level very often.  Couple years ago I got to photograph an eagles nest in Ohio which was almost ideal.  Shooting down into the nest at a distance not to bother the eagles but close enough if you had long lens.

This nest was not ideal for photographing but sometimes you do best with what you have.  This nest is near Bobtown Pa.

Eagle Photos

Favorites of 2021 - Ventura Beach California photos

We visited my grand children in Ventura Beach California in the summer.  Every morning I'd get up early and head down the beach to photograph surfers and other boardwalk images.  I love the mountains but the beach certainly has a cool vibe and lots of cool images.  Met one surfer dude who surfs every morning before going to work.  Also met an artist that does large murals of the players for the NFL teams.  His painting hang in the lobbies of the NFL teams complexes.

Ventura California Photos

Favorites of 2021 - "Water Splash" photos

The hardest thing about the "Water Splash" photos was finding the place.    The location needed to be enclosed building with high ceiling, drains in the floor, semi warm, access to warm water, and large area that could get wet.   I found a place in town but they wanted $800.00 for a month which is too expensive for me and small business.  I was thinking about doing it but the pandemic hit and I had to wait.  A year later a good friend of mine said I could use his metal building on his farm.  It is out of town but perfect for what I wanted to do. Hopefully this coming year we can do some more "Water Splash" photos there.

Riley is the dog and two lady models names are Mandy and Jennah.

"Water Splash" Photos

Favorites of 2021 - Hot Air Balloons

My friend Steve Prunty allowed me to go up in the hot air balloon he sponsors.  Saturday got rained out but Sunday turned out to be a prefect day.  It was great ride as we took off at sunrise and landed near the law school after floating over the football stadium.

Hot Air Balloon Photos

Favorites of 2021 - Air Show

Arnold Palmer Regional Airport  hosted the 75th Anniversary Westmoreland County Airshow on May 29-30, 2021.  Featured the US Navy Blue Angels with a new Super Hornet. Unfortunately because of bad weather the Blue Angels did not perform but the Super Hornet did and it was impressive.  Loved the photos as the plane broke the sound barrier.

Air Show Photos