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Dan Friend


Photo adventures in the backyard

What is a photographer to do, if because of circumstances, financial, health, ankle bracelet, or just too damn lazy, all your photography has to be close to home for a period of time.  One thing a person can do is make your own backyard safari. 

My backyard safari started in the winter time shooting pictures of the winter birds out of the window.  Putting bird seed feeders and suet cages helped bring the birds around but I wasn't  getting the pictures I wanted.  I quickly started changing things around.

Shooting backyard pictures in the winter in the snow


I got rid of most, not all, of the bird feeders. Even though I was shooting photos in the backyard I wanted the pictures to look as natural as possible.  I found some more natural "props" for the birds.  I set up a temporary  fence and post in the backyard.    Also, I put some stumps in the backyard.    Then I put my camo blind on my back porch.  This way I could  photograph close up without scaring the birds off. The added bonus was I put an electric heater in the blind, so if I got cold ,I'd just turn on the heater for awhile........

Blind on the back porch


Blind with a/c heater inside


Photos of winter birds in the backyard

  • Mourning Dove Love
  • Looking out of the hole
  • Male cardinal on post
  • Carolina Wren feeding on fence post
  • Female and male cardinal on fence post
  • Who is upstairs?
  • Three doves on a fence
  • Two Mourning Doves in snow holes on fence
  • Morning Dove on fence in the snow
  • Coming in for low visaiblity landing
  • Tough winter
  • Coming in for snowy landing
  • Mourning doves in flight during a snow storm
  • Mourning doves in flight during a snow storm
  • Mourning doves in the snow
  • Graceful flying
  • Graceful flight
  • Who is that upstairs?
  • Female cardinal on fence post eating
  • Male cardinal eating in the snow
  • Red male cardinal in the rhododendron bush
  • Titmouse flying away with food
  • Blue Jay on fence post in winter..................Jays are known for their intelligence and complex social systems with tight family bonds. Their fondness for acorns is credited with helping spread oak trees after the last glacial period.
  • This photo reminds of the Presidential debates
  • Ouch....that hurts!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I know karate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Red head getting chasing starling off fence rail
  • Looking at you
  • Blue Jay coming in for a landing
  • Okay....I've had enough of you buddy
  • Man you make me mad
  • This is my food buddy
  • Tough guy on the block
  • This is my food buddy
  • That doesn't hurt

The mourning doves looked very graceful flying with the white snow background

Coming in for low visaiblity landing

The Starling are very fiesty and always fighting with each other

This photo reminds of the Presidential debates

The red bellied woodpecker and mockingbird would chase the starling away but there were just too many starlings.

Sometimes other animals would show up


Then got the idea to use my GoPro to make videos of the birds

Love having pic taken #Starling selfie

Starling having a difference of opinion

Bird chasing mourning dove off of log

Red bellied woodpecker protecting his territroy

This is the finish of part 1 of backyard safari

Part 2 photo blog explains the hummingbird project and the drunk squirrel project

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